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Working together for healthy futures in North Skye

Following the recent visit by Sir Lewis Ritchie to Skye, NHS Highlands with members of the community are working together to shape an approach to look at health and care needs as a whole, support innovation and strengthen partnerships to deliver on the social needs of the community. The aim is to co-produce an implementation plan, partnership driven. Scottish Futures Trust are facilitating the process, to help shape and deliver a place based approach to better health.

The first stage of the work is to map out what the goal of working together is, and how responsibilities for action are shared. And at the same time, a key focus is to map out work that is realistic and useful to reach the goal, starting with things we need to do now, then actions for the mid term to scale up impact, and a commitment to long term sustainability.

An initial meeting of members of the community and NHS took place in June 27 to test the process as a way forward. This will be followed up with a route map for shared action in autumn, setting out a process for widening engagement with community and partners, and timescales. It is expected that the work will progress in partnership across the next year.

Louise Bussell, Chief Officer NHS Highland states ' NHS Highland representatives were extremely pleased to meet up with a group of community representatives and the Scottish Futures Trust on 27th June 2022. The meeting was the first opportunity to explore ideas and agree a way forward for the future direction of our health and care planning. The meeting was very focussed and productive with a real commitment from all to ensure we get to the right outcomes for north Skye as we work together in the coming months. '

Neil Campbell, Chair of NHSSOS, Portree & Braes Community Council & member of the Portree and Braes Trust Health Sub Group adds " We are encouraged that the emphasis seems to be on actions rather than discussions but there is so much to be done as the Health Service in North Skye is deteriorating rather than improving.

The community will continue to work positively with the Scottish Futures Trust in the hope of a positive outcomes in the near future."

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