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Urgent Care - Portree Hospital

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

A new intercom has been installed this week at the entrance of the Urgent Care Centre at Portree hospital. The door into Urgent Care has also had a new lick of bright red paint, and there is additional signage on the way, Cathy Shaw, Advanced Practice Lead - Remote & Rural Support Team and District Manager tells us that 'There will also be an arrow pointing directly at the intercom, and we have also asked that the new sign, which is on it's way, is overlaid in braille. The intercom has a red box painted around it to help it stand out as obviously these things are either grey or silver which doesn't necessarily catch the eye.'

Cathy asks the public 'Our recommendation is if you need urgent care please call 111 before leaving home, if it is an emergency call 999. Once at the hospital please press intercom at the red door for attention.'

Ross Cowie, Community Lead for Urgent Care says "I really want to thank NHS Highland and particularly Cathy, Ross and the Urgent Care team at Portree Hospital for responding to the concerns some members of the community had around gaining access to Urgent care and continuing our work together on services for North Skye"

* Ross is happy for any community members to get in touch with him at any point to discuss anything related to Urgent Care just e-mail him on

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