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Update on Urgent Care Portree

A statement from Cathy Shaw ​Advanced Practice Lead - Remote & Rural Support Team (West)

Eight of the nine vacant posts which were open for trainee or qualified Advanced

Practitioners are now filled. The one post remaining is now live on jobtrain and will

be open for the next week or so.

A new associate lead for the Rural Support Team has also been recruited; she will be based in Skye and will work in both Portree and Broadford while we train the new recruits.

The new recruits have now all started. All the trainees are at different places in their training with some still to complete masters level training and their clinical portfolios before they can practice independently and others who are just starting on their journey.

At this point one of the trainees is on track to have their training completed by Oct/Nov and another may be ready early next year.

NHSH will be looking at how a degree of service can be safely re introduced to Portree, the community and stakeholders will be kept informed on a regular basis.

An Urgent Care working group has been set up and has now met three times already – This group, which has representation from NHSH and the community is looking at exactly how and when Urgent care could be opened safely and what might be needed to ensure it is a sustainable service going forward. The group are due to meet again later in October.

 Although it is recognised that the current service is not ideal, it is clinically safe

and the advanced nurse practitioners will go out to see patients if they get in touch

through NHS24.

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