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Skye and Raasay Workshop held on 11th January 2022

Update from Milne Weir, Programme Director, NHS Highland

On 11th January 2022, NHS Highland held a workshop with community representatives. The focus of the workshop was to further explore the vision and to try to establish an agreed direction for the future of health and care in Skye in line with the Sir Lewis recommendations.

The workshop was facilitated by Louise Bussell, Chief Officer – Highland Community and Milne Weir, Programme Director from NHS Highland. The workshop identified progress to date, demographics, data and modelling, programme, timelines, and proposed activities for 2022, next steps, feedback, and questions. The proposed workplan included next steps for developing a shared vision and health and care plan for Skye and Raasay and identified the information we still need to gather to progress in the coming months. There were excellent questions and feedback from the people who attended the 11th January 2022 workshop to shape this work.

It was acknowledged that health and care teams across Skye and Raasay continue to do an excellent job whilst managing the pressures of the Covid Pandemic and the impact of the latest Omicron variant.

There was also broad support to transition from the option appraisals exercise into a more detailed programme of work. It was agreed that the Programme should be referred to as the Skye and Raasay Health and Care Campus Programme and that the word Campus would not be limited to one site or location at this early stage. It was agreed that the data and modelling would be updated and extended to help inform this work.

What will a shared vision and health and care strategy look like? This would mean jointly developing ‘what is needed and how this could be delivered’ in the short-, medium- and long-term building on the positive work that has been undertaken to date and scoping out opportunities for the future. This will help to inform and guide the next steps.

In terms of future care needs, there was support for a focus on wellbeing, prevention, promoting independence and connection to communities. It was recognised that to address future care needs, the solutions would need to be a collaboration of the NHS, community, and multiple organisations.

A shared vision for Skye and Raasay may include care at home, community-based services, housing-based solutions, care home beds, primary care, urgent care service, outpatient services, centre for excellence, bases for integrated services such as community health, mental health, care at home, Scottish Ambulance Service, Third Sector, inpatient beds – GP accessible and Palliative Care, Near Me / use of technology. This vision would be supported by resilient communities, vibrant voluntary support, integrated public sector opportunities (Skye and Raasay Future work), partnership working with the 3rd sector, centre for excellence, working with partners around strengthening communities (Lochalsh and Skye Housing Association and The Highland Council), and looking at ways to address recruitment challenges and local care provision.

It was recognised that the programme would need to involve as many people as possible through the Community Forum and other co-production opportunities. Along with community representatives, the people who deliver health and care in Skye and Raasay at home, in the community or in hospitals will be able to jointly provide an invaluable insight into what may be needed and how this could be delivered in the future.

During 2022, alongside continuing to support the development of existing services, the Skye and Raasay Health and Care Campus Programme has identified 4 workshops in January, April, June, and August to progress this work. Each of these workshops will focus on communication, collaboration and co-production and use this time to progress the health and care vision and plan for Skye and Raasay. This will provide a clear direction of where we are going and how this could be delivered in co-production.

Milne Weir

Programme Director

NHS Highland

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