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Scottish Ambulance Service recruits new talent

In early November Andy and Georgia arrived in North Skye from Dorset, where they had been working for South West Ambulance service. Andy tells us 'It was a very different type of setting, although Dorset is a rural area there are hundreds of thousands of people within the catchment area and we were really working in an urban setting which was great for experience when you're new, but its very intense."

Andy and Georgia met in the ambulance service and wanted to move to Scotland. "We'd been to Skye a few times on holiday and both loved it. We're both climbers and love climbing. We love the mountains, the sea and the rural setting. We want to be somewhere safe and for our kids to grow up with an outdoor lifestyle."

Although moving to a new area in the middle of a pandemic could have been difficult, Andy tells us "The good thing about the ambulance service is that you meet people and everyone gets on well. That has made us feel so welcome and we're looking forward to summer and things opening up so we can start meeting more people."

Georgia tells us about working here in North Skye compared to her previous setting,

"Here we have more responsibility, journeys are much longer, we carry more drugs than we did, we have learnt more skills. I feel more like a paramedic now, and more like a clinician. I feel like I'm really making a difference. "

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