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Ritchie - Looking to the future

Sir Lewis Ritchie’s last review of progress was in October 2020 and following this he wrote “The spirit of pulling together and co-production were both evident and compelling”. The report for that meeting and his letter afterwards can be found at

The Community have been developing a new Community forum that will aid communication between existing groups concerned with health and care in Skye and Raasay. This forum will be inclusive and is being formed to help people raise questions and concerns about health and care provision so we can work together to find solutions. It will link in with a new Partnership group, which is to be the continuation of the Sir Lewis Ritchie Steering group, that will build on what has been achieved so far. The Partnership will oversee coproduction between community members and the organisations already working together: NHS Highland, Scottish Ambulance Service, NHS24, Lochalsh & Skye Housing Association, Lucky2Bhere, and community trusts and community councils involved in providing the support that has become so important during Covid. The way forward is for communities like ours to be much more involved in how our public services are delivered. More information about how to become involved will be made available and we encourage as many as possible to do so. You can find out more about these groups at

Covid has made it more difficult for all of us to know what’s going on but its also been a time when we’ve discovered how to communicate using zoom and other tools. The power of working together between communities and services has also been shown and we aim to build on that as life hopefully returns to more normality soon.

Catriona MacDonald

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