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Rachael Jackson, Scottish Ambulance Service

Updated: Jan 11

I am Rachael Jackson, I'm one of two Clinical Paramedic Team leaders employed by the Scottish Ambulance Service for Skye, Kyle and Raasay. My position is based in North Skye, and I work both as a team leader in clinical and administrative management, and also on the Dunvegan Ambulance Crew.

I first came to Skye nearly 30 years ago, whilst I was still studying Science at Sydney University. I had long wanted to come to the place my ancestors were from. 24 years ago I travelled to Skye again with the intention of working the summer on Skye..... I never left! I started with the Scottish Ambulance service 5 and a half years ago through their vocational training route, and joined the Dunvegan crew as a student technician. Over the following years I qualified as a technician and then as a Paramedic.

Remote and Rural emergency medicine is a challenging and rewarding job, and I have loved being a part of an immensely skilled and dedicated team who provide emergency care within our community. The challenges we face include extended travel times and distances, as well as access and extreme diversity in what we see in our work from day to day. Our focus is always making the best decisions to achieve the best outcomes for our patients, individualized to every situation. We are extremely fortunate to have highly skilled Rural Practitioner Doctors, Rural Support Team Advanced practitioners, Nurses and Care and management teams with whom we work very closely. It is one of the most outstanding achievements of health care in this region - an integrated, cooperative interprofessional team, who are a model for remote and Rural medicine delivery to our community. Of course the challenges we face are ever changing, and the current difficulties

arising from covid have been met with adaptability and innovation within the Service,

and an outstanding Community network of support and input that has been invaluable

in keeping the wheels turning.

We have recently advertised for new student technician roles in the area, and were

overwhelmed and delighted with the interest and applications that have come forward.

After interviews, our first 2 new student techs will be starting their training in spring

2022. Further student techs will be joining us later in the year, and the overall robustness

of frontline emergency care in our community will be strengthened. It's very exciting

times, and we are delighted to have had so many local people from the community

express interest in joining us, as we work to continually improve patient care in Skye,

Kyle and Raasay.

All of us involved in frontline emergency duties, and also our very valued patient

transport crews wish you, our community, a wonderful Christmas and a very

Happy New Year to come.

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