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Near Me - In your community

Near Me was initially introduced in NHS Highland just over 3 years ago with the aim of reducing the number of patients having to travel long distances to attend an appointment. In February 2020 there were around 80 mainly outpatient waiting areas set up and offering video appointments to their patients.

COVID changed everything and Near Me was very quickly scaled up not only for outpatient departments but for GP practices, community nursing and many more groups of clinicians. There are now over 400 waiting areas. Near Me is now an integral part of normal day to day patient care. Patients, where appropriate, don’t have to travel, take extended time off work or find someone to cover their caring responsibilities and is just as valuable for those living close to a Hospital as those living some distance away.

The majority of Near Me appointments take place inside people’s homes. However, people can also access Near me via support rooms which have been set up at some Community Hospitals, some GP practices and by community groups. " People can also use Portree Hospital Nearme room and now Skyelab in Portree as well.

It’s easy to use: when you receive confirmation of your clinic, just visit the NHS Highland Near Me website There’s no app to download – you just need a suitable device (smart phone, tablet or laptop with speaker and camera) and a reliable internet connection. Why not try a test call at

"Dialogue between NHS24 and our communities could only be a positive thing. NHS24 is here to stay, so we must try to understand how they operate and why procedures are set up as they are. The PPF gives us the opportunity to explain the effect of these procedures on remote and island communities and highlight what works well for us and what does not." Andrina Robb , Near Me Project Manager

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Near Me Community Initiative in Skye & Lochalsh to support people to access Near Me Appointments in their own homes or local area. Staffin is the first area to test out this support, with Raasay coming on board soon. Next steps will be to offer encouragement and support to other interested communities in Skye & Lochalsh and the rest of Highland thereafter.” - Mairi MacIvor, Health Enabled Care NHS Highland

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