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What is Counselling?

Seeking help from a counsellor or psychotherapist is something many folk consider, especially when life gets difficult. Counselling is a confidential talking therapy that involves a trained counsellor/therapist listening to you and helping you find a way through emotional issues.

Counselling is a safe, confidential space to talk about our ‘stuff’, to explore thoughts, feelings and concerns and get a better handle on what’s going on for us.

The aim of counselling is to support and inspire change, improve our quality of life and ‘to feel better’, whatever that looks like for the individual. Finding space for self-exploration and growing our understanding of ourselves lets us grow and be our best selves.

A little more about Lifepaths

Lifepaths is a group of five counsellors who offer a breadth of knowledge and experience, offering counselling to individuals, couples and young people. Our counsellors can help you cope with a variety of issues which include:

Anxiety  Depression  Major life changes Addiction  Relationships  Bereavement, grief loss Low self esteem & confidence  Trauma  Sexual abuse Anger  Domestic abuse  Stress Sexuality & LGBTQ+

Sometimes, though we can’t quite put our fingers on what’s going on for us; we know something isn’t quite right but don’t always know what the particular issue is. Often it becomes clear by talking in counselling.

Working from a comfortable space above the Bank of Scotland in Portree, we offer 50 minute sessions in person, on the phone or online, daytime and early evening. All our counsellors are fully qualified, insured and registered with BACP or COSCA.

Talking to a counsellor for the first time can be daunting and we understand that. Regardless of the reason, working with a counsellor can be helpful to make sense of things, feel understood and accepted, providing a practical way to work through life challenges.

For more information visit or contact any one of us on the numbers listed.

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