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Covid Assessment Centre - What happens there?

The Covid Assessment Centre (CAC) works via an appointment system. It is manned

Mon - Fri 8am to 6pm by Health Care Support Worker’s who do the swabs. GP practices operate the CAC in their red rooms.

Out Of Hours - 6pm - 8am Mon - Fri and all weekend it is manned by an Advanced Nurse Practitioner /Advanced Paramedic Practitioner and from the week beginning 01/09/2021 there will be a band 5 nurse to support them 8am - 8pm at weekends as they will be a full CAC plus an Urgent Care Centre.

Who is being seen in the Covid Assessment Centre? From 8 am – 6pm, Mon – Friday

swabs are being taken for pre ops, pre nursing home entry, plus multiple clinics. They

also swab patients referred by GPs with symptoms, and staff referred by Occupational

Health. Out of hours -  full CAC they will see unwell covid possible patientss, assess, swab

and determine where they need to be, referred to ie Raigmore or discharged home. 

How do patients get referred? Occupational Health, surgical teams, GPs, Social

workers, NHS24, Highland hub and multiple pre hospital clinics

Do GPs refer people to CAC? Yes, for swabs, not assessment during in hours periods.

Gps tend to telephone triage and refer for a swab however they do see anyone unwell

that needs Face to Face for observation etc and will then refer for swab.


What rooms are used for what? (Beds, examination, PPE, etc.) Glamaig is now

temporarily urgent care and has a red room set up as the GPs have. We have full PPE

on site and the clinicians following NHSH policy determine the level of PPE they need to

wear. If the patient is possible covid then face shields are worn in addition to apron,

gloves and mask. The staff wear scrubs so that they can change after seeing anyone in

the red room, they do have the option to shower if they want to. The urgent care room is

a separate room to the red room and has full capability to operate as an urgent care

setting as it did pre covid in its old home. Actichlor is used following every patient contact

not just in the red room and we admit them via the side door in order to minimize risk to

the ward in patients. 

Why is the CAC still required? Scottish Government policy, Rising numbers and people are less unwell now after vaccine. SG will probably want to see numbers coming down before stepping services down. CURRENT GUIDANCE AND CONTRACTS ARE END MARCH 2022.

Although it isn’t relentless work there is absolutely still a need for it and those who are employed to do the swabbing are also busy with maintaining the environment, supporting the Urgent Care Centre and making calls to advise of appointments and results. They will also provide a mobile service if all other options have been exhausted.

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