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Community engagement continues on a vision for health and social care services in Skye Autumn 2021

A virtual workshop was held by NHS Highland on 27th October 2021 focussed on local health and social care services in Skye & Lochalsh. This was attended by a mixed group of stakeholders including community representatives. The purpose was to consider “a vision for health and social care services in Skye” which was presented by NHS Highland at the request of community groups engaged in the ongoing redesign of services.

The discussion element of the workshop was facilitated by Norman Sutherland from Higher Ground Health & Care Planning (HGHCP) and was structured around four questions:

  • What do we welcome in the vision?

  • What concerns do we have about the vision?

  • Is anything missing from the vision?

  • What changes do we propose to make it “our” shared (collective) vision?

Commenting after the workshop Norman Sutherland said:

“I’d like to thank everyone who once again gave their time to support planning for health and social care services in Skye and Lochalsh. While recent work has concentrated on some of the shorter-term challenges, the purpose of this workshop was to focus on longer-term plans.

“From my perspective, the vision presented by NHS Highland was generally very well received by the majority of community representatives present. It was also clear however, that some participants in the process remain concerned at what they see as a lack of progress".

“Recognising this, in my summing up, I emphasised the importance of NHS Highland now producing a clear programme. This will need to explain the process of change proposed and the associated dates when key information requested will be available".

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