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Bed numbers in Portree Hospital increased to 11

Bed numbers in Portree Hospital, Skye have increased from seven to 11 through a redesign

of the available space on the ground floor. This work has allowed the COVID Assessment

Centre and urgent care facilities to remain on the ground floor and away from the in-patient


Louise Bussell, Chief Officer, NHS Highland said: “We’re pleased that we have been able to increase the bed complement in Portree Hospital. Increasing from seven beds to 11 while still allowing us to have in place our COVID assessment centre, room for urgent care and a room where we

can see and treat any possible patients with COVID is to be celebrated.”

Photo Shows Anne Williams, Dr Hannah MacLeod & Louise Bussell

'I'm delighted that the bed numbers have increased at Portree Hospital. Community members have been working tirelessly along with NHS Highland for many years and although covid has,of course, thrown extra hurdles in the way it is very encouraging to see more beds opening for the communities of North Skye.'

Sophie, Health and Wellness project officer, North Skye

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