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An update on the North Skye & Raasay Options Appraisal process

The Options Appraisal process has been long and arduous due to covid '19 striking in the midst of the meetings, changing the way in which meetings could happen and meaning communication and planning became much more challenging.

The community have had a strong voice throughout the process and there had been concern for some time about the direction that the process was heading in. The Community made their thoughts, concerns and feelings clear in Spring 2021 which, among other factors has led to a break in the process allowing NHS Highland work on their vision for the future for health and care services in North Skye.

Here is a statement from Normand Sutherland of Higher Ground Health, the Independent facilitator for the OA process, giving us an update from his perspective....

"We, like yourselves are currently waiting for NHSH to finalise a vision for services on Skye in line with recent correspondence. Once a vision has been shared, discussed and a version agreed, my hope remains that we will be able to present and agree options for change in the form of “pathways” that take us from where we are now - to where the vision agrees we all want to be in future”.

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