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How to attend a Near Me


Appointments are by video from your home or wherever is convenient for you and is similar to a Facetime or Skype video call.

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You will normally receive a letter, an appointment card or phone call with the date and time of your Near Me appointment. You can test your equipment and connection speed before you first attend to
check you can use Near Me. Please visit

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What do I need for an appointment?

For Near Me at home, you need:

A reliable internet connection (broadband or mobile)

A device for making video calls, such as a tablet, smartphone or computer with webcam and speaker

Google Chrome browser or Safari on Apple products.
Google Chrome can be downloaded for free at

Alternatively, you can use NHS equipment in one of our Near Me rooms (check with your specialty or the booking office by phoning the number on your appointment letter)

Step 1: Go to website

If this is the first time you are using Near Me, we suggest that at least 30
minutes before the time of your appointment, you go to the NHS Highland website and follow the on-screen
instructions (use the directory to find the service you require).
Alternatively, type the waiting area URL that is mentioned in your letter or appointment card into your browser bar, or click on the link provided
in the email or text you have been sent

Step 2: Start video call

This opens up a new window. Click on “Start Video

Note: on some devices, you may be offered a “Test call” option: this is just a test and does not connect you to a real person.

Step 3: System checks

The system checks you have everything in place to make a Near Me call. All calls involve an internet check. The system also checks for a
speaker, microphone and video; this is automated on some devices, or you may be asked to check manually. Click ‘Continue’ or ‘Yes’ on each.
If asked, allow access to your microphone and video.

Step 4: Enter name

Next, enter your name as it appears on your letter or appointment card.
Please also enter your date of birth and contact phone number where you can be reached during your video call. Tick to agree the terms and
conditions. You will then be given some information to read. Press ‘Start Call’ again.

Step 5: Connect call

You will enter a private ‘on-line’ waiting area where you the healthcare professional will join you or you will be greeted by outpatient reception who will check you in and transfer you to your clinician’s waiting room.
Your clinician will join you when they are ready to see you.

Refreshing and ending calls

If you have any difficulties during the Near Me video call, such as poor video or sound quality, try refreshing the call. Click on the ‘Refresh’
button, which appears in the top right hand corner if you touch the screen or move your mouse into this area. Refreshing temporarily disconnects the call and then rejoins it. To end the call, click the ‘End’ button.

Video call security

Near Me uses secure video consulting which has been approved as private and confidential by NHS Scotland. Near Me calls are not recorded.

More information

More information about Near Me is available from:




or contact your healthcare professional using the contact number given on your appointment letter or card.

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