Information Session 3

Fingal Centre, Portree High School, Wednesday 26th Feb, 2020

What Happened?

The panel consisted of Tracy Ligema, Dr Hannah MacLeod, Dr Al Innes, Dr Caroline Gould, Ross MacKenzie , Dr Cameron Stark, Stuart MacPherson HIE, Community Rep, Ross Cowie, Community Rep, Professor Ronald Macdonald, Community Rep and Tim Moore, Community Rep There were also representatives from other agencies in the audience.


The schedule for Wednesday night was

•             Introductions (Norman) 5 mins

•             Background (Tracy Ligema) 10 mins

•             Summary of session 2's presentation  (Dr Al Innes) 5 mins

•             Presentation Co-production / Urgent Care from Community Rep, Ross Cowie

•             Presentation on Socio-Economic Factors from Community Rep, Ronald MacDonald

•             Presentation Transport from Community Rep, Tim Moore

•             Panel discussion 1hr 20 mins

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The Presentations

Here are the presentations from Information Session 3

Questions and Answers

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